Big Foot Adventure is a leisure company, situated at the “Andrea Lodges” on the beautiful south coast of Mauritius, which proposes quad biking to enhance outdoor experience.

Our rides make you see the back-country of Mauritius from the seat of an All Terrain Vehicle. Quads allow access to places where few people go. In fact, these sure-footed machines can take you places that even horses fear to tread! Quad rides will take you over our southern cliffs where you can appreciate our magnificent view. The other back roads will make you enjoy breathtaking vistas of majestic green forests, crystal clear streams, waterfalls and lakes. This is an opportunity to see Mauritius’ wildlife.

Before any tour gets underway, our guide will make sure you are familiar with your machine, as safety is of utmost importance. These measures help assure you of a ride that is safe, comfortable and fun.

Experienced guides lead the way making frequent stop and setting a pace conductive to all riders.

 We seize this opportunity to forward you a small description of what we usually propose, a brochure and our tariffs.

We also propose tariffs including breakfast, lunch or a tea break at the restaurant of the Lodges, to suit your clients. Got more ideas? We’d love to hear them! We specialize in saying YES!

For an unforgettable and different adventure experience – Book a quad ride !