Bookings can be made in by email or telephone.


Full payment is required before the start of the tour.  Credit cards are accepted.

Cancellation by Big Foot Adventure

Extenuating circumstances (these include: acts of God, strikes, or other unforeseeable event that influences the safety of the trip.) Individual participants can be refused or expelled from the trip if they display untoward behaviour that may result in damage to themselves or any of the other participants or to the guide. In this case there will be no reimbursement. No alcohol can be consumed within 12Hrs of the beginning of a quad tour.


Big Foot Adventure is responsible for providing a well-organized trip. Big Foot Adventure is not responsible for the following: Accidents that occur during quad biking riding. In this kind of sporting activity every customer is responsible for his/her own riding style and particularly his/her ability to gauge their own skill. Theft or damage to baggage or goods or any costs incurred as a result of cancellations such as changes to flight itineraries are not the responsibility of Big Foot Adventure. The customer is responsible for all travel documents he/she may require as well as insurances and credit cards etc. He/she is also responsible for meeting the conditions set by any of the companies involved.

Rental of Quad Bikes

The Customer must handle the rented equipment with care following the instructions given. If the quad bike is irreparably damaged during the tour the customer will forfeit the right for reimbursement irrespective of whether the customer is at fault or not AND will bear the costs of repair if found to be at fault for the accident. Big Foot Adventure will attempt to provide the customer with a replacement quad bike.

Liability declaration

By booking the customer automatically agrees to the following:

I am completely aware of the dangers of quad bike riding on and off-road. I take part in this trip at my own risk. I agree to the fact that neither Big Foot Adventure, nor their representatives or their agents are responsible for damage to my person, belongings, or financial loss incurred or for any other extenuating circumstances beyond their control. I am aware that Big Foot Adventure is not responsible for the behaviour of other participants. I shall abide by local traffic regulations and those of the group trip. I will ensure that my behaviour and/or actions in no way cause harm to other people, local environment, or my vehicle. As far as is known to me I am in good health and able to meet the required tour standards. I am responsible for wearing the correct protective clothing and have received advice to wear comfortable clothing and closed toe footwear.